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Växbo Kvarn (Växbo Mill)


Växbo Mill was built in 1869, but was likely preceded by others in the same place. The owners rented out the business which from 1904 up to the mid 1950s was operated by the miller Per  Wannkvist. Farmers paid a share to have their grain ground to flour at the mill. The miller quit his business in the 50s, and the mill was unused and abandoned. When Rolf Åkerlund began restoring the buildings in 1985, he could really feel the past as he found Per’s old cap and coat still hanging on a hook. After decades of decay it was time to open the place to the public.



Trolldalen (The Trolls’ Valley)


Sweden’s longest glacial esker, the 500 km long Uppsala esker, passes through Växbo. The subterranean water in this esker broke out and formed the steep ravine that we today call Trolldalen. Each family farm had its own flax storage shed in Trolldalen, near the various water-driven work stations powered by the stream. 


Växbo Krog (Restaurant)


Växbo Krog was built in 2008. Picture an underground dining room, warm in winter and cool in summer. A beautiful glass façade like a watchful eye overlooking the millpond. Red-tones against untreated cement and black and white photography from bygone years. White linseed oil painted beams radiating fan-like in the ceiling, stone from Jämtland and Norrland pine for the floors. An exciting harmony of nordic material arranged in elegant simplicity. This room sets the natural tone for our restaurant. After years of working at well-known kitchens all over the globe it was a dream come true when Pär Johansson got the chance to run a quality restaurant in Hälsingland. Over the years he has built up close relationships with local food producers who provide the best that the area can offer. They cook in accordance with the season and the climate, paying attention to a process where less is more, and the fresh or naturally preserved ingredients from the nearest farms, forests, lakes and ocean are brought to your plate. Traditional cookery and modern cuisine meet, in caring hands.


The Bakery


At Växbo bakery they make bread with a dedication to the ingredients. With organic grains from Hälsingland, the dough is mixed by hand and then baked in a large, wood-fired stone hearth oven. In the café you will find fresh flatbread, sourdough bread and several sorts of sweet rolls and pastries. They also serve their own ice cream! Lighter dishes like salads and sandwiches are available for the hungry customer. Enjoy sitting under the sail in our outdoor area, perhaps the most scenic of all outdoor places in Växbo.  



Logen (the barn)


At Växbo Logen there is a design- and handicraft shop that is open during the summer.


Kvarnleken (Millrace playground)


The mini-millrace is a fantastic playground located at Växbo Kvarn. Kids love water, and there they get the chance to learn through play how water works as an energy source and a means of transport. The family can sit here together and let the kids get their fill of water play. At Växbo Kvarn they also have pigs, sheep with lambs, chickens, ducks and stocked rainbow trout in the millpond. The whole area provides the perfect family atmosphere, and these animals reflect life on a farm when animals meant everything for the household.


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