Hanna & Jacob



The Linen Factory—our best case of impulse shopping?


We are reminded daily of what an honour and exciting challenge it is to continue the Swedish linen tradition by managing Växbo Lin. The dream of ownership began when I (Hanna) worked as a summer guide in 1993. I showed visitors around and described the entire linen-making process, becoming so fascinated that such a little factory tucked into the woods could produce such fine products. I said to Jacob, “If they ever sell that factory, we’re going to buy it!” We were 16 years at the time, and who would have thought that we would actually purchase the place 13 years later?


In 2005 we celebrated our wedding anniversary in Dalarna and at the restaurant we ran into Rolf, the owner of Växbo Lin. I approached him, told him that I had worked for him as a guide and asked whether he remembered me. He didn’t, but he invited us to sit with him for a cup of coffee. After a bit of small talk I said: “If you ever think about selling the factory, call me. I’d like to buy it.”


Rolf, who was rather stately and seemed almost affronted, answered that you shouldn’t think running a factory was child’s play. But I answered: -No, I know that since I’ve got copies of your financial reports for the last three years. His response was: -Have you been spying on me, girl?, but then looked at me again and said, “Funny you should bring this up, because on the way here I said to my wife that, at 64 it’s perhaps time to find someone else to keep Växbo Lin going in the future.”


 We both thought it was meant to be, so we gathered our belongings and left Stockholm and moved to our little cottage in Hälsingland. A cold, snowy 1st of March in 2006 found ourselves the owners of Växbo Lin, the best impulse purchase we’ve ever made!


Hanna & Jacob Bruce