Ingela Berntsson – extraordinary design.


Everything Ingela Berntsson designs breaths quality and care, whether it is a small discloth or a grand tablecloth. Nothing is created out of coincidence and no detail is ignored. She weaves a small sample on her hand loom in her studio that she washes, mangles, wrinkles, soils and then washes again to make sure the outcome is what she intended. If the result is good Växbo Lin sets it up in the factory and weavs it in full scale, if Ingela approves the product is put in production to become a towel, tablecloth, curtain or maybe a small colourful dishcloth.


Ingela Berntsson has grown up with linen, her grandparents cultivated and spun flax, and at the age of fifteen she started to experiment with advanced linen weaves. She got educated in weaving and design in the 1970, a time when synthetics was popular and natural fibers such as flax was seen as something old and obsolete. However, Ingela stayed firm in her love for linen and worked more freely than most. 


Since the late 1980’s Ingela works exclusively with Växbo Lin, a great collaboration that teaches both older and newer generations to value the old traditional handicraft and to be careful with natures resources. The result is products that lasts for generations and contributes to a more eniviromental friendly mindset.