Terms and conditions




These purchase and delivery conditions, below called Conditions, apply to all orders made on Växbo Lin’s website, www.vaxbolin.se, called the Website below, and from Växbo Lin´s customer services, where the customer is a consumer and delivery takes place in an EU member state.

A consumer is a physical person who makes a purchase for non-business purposes.

Should the law of another country other than Sweden’s apply, the Conditions in the parts they do not depart from are applicable under mandatory consumer law. Växbo Lin naturally follows applicable mandatory consumer law.



Orders may be placed through the Website or by customer services, see contact information below.

To place an order without having to pay VAT, contact customer services.

It is important that you verify the order once you have received the order confirmation. If something is incorrect or you want to change something, contact us immediately.

To simplify any contact with our customer services, we ask that you have your order confirmation available when contacting us.

According to Swedish law, we are required to request written parental permission for orders from customers under 18 years.




The prices listed on the Website are inclusive of 25% VAT. VAT is applied to all orders where the customer is living in a member state of the EU.

VAT is not payable on orders when delivering to countries that are not EU member states. Customs charges may apply depending on the laws of the country to which the products are delivered. Any fees from VAT and customs are paid by the customer. Växbo Lin unfortunately is not in a position to inform the customer of these fees and the customer is responsible for the administration involved for the importation of items and the payment of VAT and customs.



Prices do not include shipping. Shipping costs are additional and are paid by the customer. Shipping costs are noted at the time of ordering.



When paying though the Website, the following payment methods are accepted: debit and credit cards VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard and Maestro. When paying by credit card, follow the instructions on the website that are provided during the time of payment.

If paying through customer services, the payment is pre-paid to our bank account.



We always offer a secure payment method. We cooperate with DIBS. All personal and credit card information is encrypted. Only the intended person can see the information.



Due to the fact that some products may have been taken out of production or for any other reason are no longer possible for Växbo Lin to deliver, orders are not binding until Växbo Lin has sent an order confirmation to the customer.

We reserve the right to change prices for circumstances not under Växbo Lin’s control, such as currency changes, increased purchasing or manufacturing prices or increased VAT. We also reserve the right to cancel orders where the items are clearly mispriced.



Down payment

When ordering some non-stock items, orders must be created though customer services. For these orders, the product must be prepaid at 100% of its value.



The total price of the product must be paid before delivery.



If you wish to cancel the item you are required by

41 § Consumer Sales Act, to reimburse us for our costs and losses unless you can exercise the right of withdrawal under paragraph 6.



Returns and exchanges are not valid for special orders. However, you may have the right of withdrawal under paragraph 6. Please contact customer services to find out what applies.  



Delivery time

Normal delivery time is five – ten working days if the items are sent within Sweden and a mobile phone number has been provided. If a mobile phone number has not been provided, then the delivery can take up to two extra days.  Delivery to postcode areas with rural carriers (usually postcodes where the third digit of the postcode is five, xx5 XX) can take two – three days longer than normal delivery. For special-order items sold via customer services and delivered to countries other than Sweden, other delivery times apply. A tentative delivery time can be obtained from customer services. Otherwise, the delivery time is finalized after the confirmation has been received from the supplier.

Packages only remain at the pick-up points for fourteen (14) days from the day of arrival. If packages are not picked up, then  they are sent back to us. Normal delivery times outside the EU are 12-22 days.  A tentative delivery time can be obtained from customer services.


Delivery notification

Delivery information can be obtained from the carrier if you indicate a phone number and email when ordering.


Delivery delays

Although we do our utmost to deliver the order by the promised time, it may not happen. If delivery is delayed, please contact us immediately so we can investigate the cause. If the delay is significant, the customer has the right to cancel the purchase. Contact us immediately if the delivery is delayed as it is important that the items are received within the specified time.


Damage from transport

We have selected logistics companies that we believe are of high quality. Despite this, damage in transit can still happen.  As a buyer, you are responsible, at the time of receipt, or as soon as possible thereafter, to inspect whether the product or packaging is visibly damaged. If the product or packaging is visibly damaged, the delivery company should be notified directly, or if the damages are discovered after the delivery our customer service should be notified at 0278-666 200 or email info@vaxbolin.se



Withdrawal period and message

Our goal is for the customer to be completely satisfied with the product or the products bought from us. If purchasing from the Website or our customer services, the customer has the right under the Home Sales Act, to cancel the purchase within 14 days after receiving it. However, customer services must be notified, see contact information below.

Please note that failing to pick up a package or not accepting a delivery is not considered an exercise of the right of withdrawal.



The right of withdrawal does not apply to items which are manufactured according to personal specific requirements or due to the fact that your order has been clearly personalised, such as custom sewn tablecloths and curtains sewn to measure.


Return Conditions

If returning your purchase, the item must be sent back, unused and in original condition (you must ensure that the product is not faulty), see contact information below. The customer is liable for the cost of return shipping and extra costs that might be added.

The customer bears the risk if the product is damaged or lost during return shipping, so please pay attention to the suitability to ensure that the items are insured and well packaged.



We will refund the price of the the item within 30 days from the date we have received the returned item.



In addition to the right of withdrawal, we offer an exchange period of a full 30 days, regardless of whether the order was made through the Website or though customer services. The time starts from the order date. The item can be exchanged for another product of equal or lesser value, or you can receive a credit equal to the amount paid for the item. If you exchange to a less expensive item than the one being returned, a credit of the difference in price will be given.

If you want to exchange the item, it must be returned unused in the original packaging and the proof of purchase must be enclosed. If the items have been part of a special offer, comprising certain conditions, like one item per purchase, all items included in the offer must be returned.   



Despite our own and our suppliers’ high quality, some products may be faulty.

If an item is faulty and the complaint has been received within due course, the items will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

In order to prove that the item has been purchased from us, it is important the order confirmation is available. Make sure that you always save the order confirmation.



Complaints for faulty products, defects or delays in delivery of goods shall be made in writing to Växbo Lin, contact details can be found in section 16, within a reasonable time, i.e. as soon as possible.

If not acted upon within a reasonable time, the right to make any claim is lost under the Consumer Sales Act against Växbo Lin.



Växbo Lin is not responsible for any text or printing errors and may not be held liable for any damage as a result of such error.

Price information on the Website represents an offer and an agreement does not come into force until Växbo Lin has confirmed the order or purchase.



We are not responsible for unclaimed packages that are not collected in reasonable time. Unclaimed packages that are returned to us are shipped at the customer’s risk, and we assume no responsibility for the product after it has been returned to us. It is important that packages are claimed even if the customer changes their mind.  


Unclaimed packages are charged a fee of SEK 250 for packages sent within Sweden and SEK 350 for packages sent to another country. This fee represents our costs for shipping, return shipping and handling.



If you have any questions, something has gone wrong in the delivery or for any other reason, our customer services is available for you at:

Telephone: 0278-666 200
Mail: info@vaxbolin.se

Customer Services is open weekdays between 10 am – 4 pm. Emails are answered within 48 hours. 



For contract fulfilment, Växbo Lin is obligated to collect personal data. Personal data shall mean any information directly or indirectly attributable to a physical person who is alive. The information provided during registration is recorded and processed by Växbo Lin. Customers are entitled to, once a year, request an extract of the information held about them. If any information is incorrect, incomplete or misleading, we will rectify this matter upon notification. Customers can also request that personal information be deleted.

Växbo Lin uses only the information for the proper performance of the contract and does not sell personal information to third parties.

By accepting the Conditions, customers also accept Växbo Lin’s collection and processing of personal data.



Växbo Lin is exempted from fulfilling delivery if the proper fulfilment thereof is prevented by circumstances beyond its control and that Växbo Lin could not reasonably have anticipated when the agreement was concluded and the consequences of which it could not reasonably have avoided or overcome, such as labour disputes, fire, accidents, war, government decisions or other circumstance that has been outside Växbo Lin’s control and which substantially affects Växbo Lin’s due performance of the contract.



Växbo Lin strives to make all customers happy. We always try to first to reach an agreement with you if something has gone wrong. If despite our efforts we cannot agree, we recommend contacting the National Board for Consumer Disputes for an independent review. We will comply with the National Board’s recommendations of course.



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